Legal Assistant

Vivian Muela started working with the office of Felipe D.J. Millan P.C. as a receptionist. During this time, she would handle client calls to resolve any issues or doubts the clients presented, or to decide which person was the best qualified to deal with the situation at hand. Miss Muela also assisted the office manager with several administrative tasks.

Miss Muela is currently a legal assistant trainee. She is currently being trained to handle the filling of certain documentation, updating case notes, and handling our case management software. She also helps our paralegals by communicating with our clients and keeping them informed in regards to their cases.


Vivan Muela is currently pursuing an associate of arts in accounting, business, and economics from the El Paso Community College.


She then plans to transfer to the University of Texas at el Paso to obtain a Bachelors in Business Administration and International Management.


If you decide to hire us for your case within 10 days after your initial consultation, we will discount the consultation fee from your contract total.